You name it, we either have it or can get it!

CINEMA SAFETY SERVICES, Inc. can provide diving equipment for on camera or support equipment for an entire crew! We have it all-Wet/Dry Suits, Regulators, Tanks, Weights and Weight Belts, Masks, Fins, BCD’s, plus any accessory gear that a normal diver would have. We bring it, set it up, monitor it during production, repair any necessary mishaps, and wrap it up and remove it at the end of the job. Plus with our mobile air fill station you never have to worry about running out.

For on camera, we have everything from antique setups to modern day equipment.

Recreational, Commercial, Military

Open Circuit and Rebreathers

Free Diving and SCUBA

It’s all here

IMG_9012-002 Diving Equipment
IMG_9011-002 Diving Equipment
Commercial-Diving-1-1-944x1024 Diving Equipment
Mobile-Dive-Operation-7-1024x768 Diving Equipment
IMG_8998-002-1 Diving Equipment
IMG_7050-002-1 Diving Equipment
Rebreathers-48-1024x768 Diving Equipment
The-Italian-Job-152-1-1024x768 Diving Equipment